Security and Data Privacy

Data is a key element in the operation of the OTE Group’s companies and an important factor in the success of its operations now and the future. OTE and COSMOTE offer products and services to their customers through which information is circulated around the world. Safeguarding security and ensuring the privacy of personal data is a major requirement and primary concern of customers.

The Group continuously strives to improve the level of security and for more effective data protection. For this reason, the companies in the Group have launched a series of central data security infrastructure actions and projects.

OTE and COSMOTE care about the security of the services and products they provide. Data and information held by companies are processed for the purposes for which they are intended and are protected against any misuse. Companies in the Group do not store the content of their customers' communications on the Companies' systems.

The Companies have in place:

  • A Privacy Policy for Communications, approved by the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy. The purpose of the Policy is to ensure the confidentiality of communications and to protect the corresponding communication data
  • A Binding Policy on the Privacy of Personal Data within the DT Group.
  • Separate policies / key security standards, covering areas such as:  System security - Security of corporate information and personal data - Security of human resources
Moreover, awareness, information and education programs were implemented about information security, business continuity and physical security issues.

More information can be found in the Sustainability Report 2016 and in the online presentation of the 2016 Sustainability Data at