Child & safety in Technology

The OTE Group is not limited to just delivering top quality products and services, but also seeks to inform customers and the public about the safe use of technology. Firmly believing that along with knowledge and progress comes responsibility about the safe use of new technologies, ΟΤΕ and COSMOTE continue raising awareness among the public and systematically developing products and services to prevent technology being abused, and to ensure it is used optimally.

Specifically, they:

1. Offer Products and Services for Safe Use of the Internet

  • COSMOTE Total Security: This service ensures the protection of up to 5 devices, such as tablets, PCs, laptops and smartphones, whether the user is online or offline. It includes Αnti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Firewall, Banking Protection, Browsing Protection, Mobile Finder, as well as Parental Control services, offering access control or blocking access to pages and applications containing inappropriate content.
  • COSMOTE TV Parental Control Services, for broadband and satellite service subscribers. Using these services, subscribers have the option to set their preferred parental control level and block access to specific programs based on how suitable the program is. Additionally, subscribers can block access to specific channels of their choice.
2. Inform and Raise Awareness among the Public 3. Collaborate with prestigious bodies
  • Support for the safe internet navigation workshops organized by the Cyber Crime Unit.
  • Support for the 1st Mobile Education and Technology Mobile Laboratory, which is an initiative of "The Smile of the Child" Organization, aiming to inform students, parents and teachers about significant issues, such as safe use of the internet.
4. Participate in Self-Regulatory Initiatives
  • Participation, through the Deutsche Telekom Group in the European initiative, ““ICT Coalition for the Safer Use of Connected Devices and Online Services by Children and Young People in the EU”
  • since 2007 COSMOTE has been signed up to the European Memorandum on safe use of mobile phones by children and teenagers.
  • COSMOTE has collaborated with other mobile telephony providers in Greece in order to develop the "National Code of Conduct for mobile phones and protection of users", which was amended in 2008 in line with European standards.
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